Updated January 31, 2020

2019-20 Grant Recipients

Joanie Mabe and student showing off a yard sign and vest that was a part of her grant.

Teacher grants are a flagship program of the Union R-XI Foundation. Every year the Foundation invites faculty and staff members within the district to submit grant proposals. After reviewing this year’s submitted applications the Foundation Grant Committee awarded grants to 14 recipients totaling $5,000. Some of the things the grant money was used for include a document camera, ball chairs, chair pockets, hygiene closet, listening center and more.

On January 8th, the grant recipients presented to the Foundation board members what they used the grant money for and how it has made an impact in their classroom or with the students they work with.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Sam Missey talking about her ball chairs.
Sam Missey talking about the ball chairs she purchased with her grant.
Thank you cards from students.
Thank you cards from students.

2019 Foundation Grants to Faculty and Staff

2018-19 Teacher Grants a Huge Success! Innovation and Student-Centered Learning the Key…

Submitted January 2019

From books that are impossible to soil or tear (or even eat – we tried!) to every possible mode of alternative seating for students one can imagine. From document cameras to pottery wheels to every type of reading material conceivable, the students, parents, and patrons of the Union R-XI School District are fortunate to have a faculty of teachers whose imaginations know no limits when it comes to ways to help their young students discover the world around them.

The 2019 Teacher Grant awardees – with the help of a few students – presented and demonstrated the materials and equipment purchased with grant funds to the Foundation board at its January meeting.

And, while their imaginations know no bounds, sometimes school budgets do. The Union schools have always provided what teachers and students need for high quality learning to take place. So, in 1986, when the Foundation was formed and began awarding annual grants to individual teachers, groups of teachers, and even whole buildings, the organization encouraged potential grantees to think outside the box and to even dream a little about new and innovative ways to spark learning in young people.

This year’s award winners certainly did that. At a presentation to the Foundation board on the evening of Wednesday, January 9, 2019, members were treated to demonstrations of a variety of educational materials, equipment, and supplies meant to enrich classroom and school environments and encourage the best learning possible for Union’s students.

Each year, the Union R-XI Foundation invites district staff to apply for funding meant to supplement district and building budgets. Open to any employee of the district, grants have been awarded in the past for instructional materials, books, electronics, and other equipment. The plan for the future is to even offer grants that will enhance district professional development funding.

To apply for a grant, district personnel should complete the application by early October of the school year for which they are requesting the grant. The application can be found on the Documents page under the Resources tab around the time school starts in August each year. Interested in the kinds of projects that have recently been funded? Here are the lists of Foundation grants awarded in 2017 and 2018:

2018 Union R-XI Foundation Grants to Faculty & Staff


2017 Union R-XI Foundation Grants to Faculty & Staff