From Volunteering to Donating to Leaving a Legacy for the Future, Your Contribution Creates Caring Ripples in the Lives of Others

The Union public school district is, by all measurable standards, an example of excellence in education within the state and nation. Great families, teachers, staff, and leaders combine to provide Union children with a launch pad for successful, purposeful lives. But enhancing and enriching the school’s offerings is exactly the sort of extra support the Union community is known for. That is exactly the purpose for which the Union R-XI Foundation exists. And that existence depends solely on the hard work and good intentions of all Unionians who value the passing of our culture from one generation to the next.

Race Volunteer

Many hands make light work. This old adage is so true, and even more so when it comes to organizations like the Union R-XI Foundation. There are SO many different roles one can play to assist the students of the Union school district that everyone can surely find one or more helpful activities in which to invest time or resources. Please take a look at our list that follows and try to envision yourself playing a part in the future success of the youth of our community. Philanthropy is such a personal human activity and the meaning behind any kind of charitable giving is richest to the one making the gift. Perhaps you, yourself, will think of some other, creative way to contribute that will compound even further the options that are available to potential benefactors.

Volunteering or participating at events,  assisting with mailings and fundraisers, or donating services or funds in one or more of many ways will all help us reach our goals. In advance, THANK YOU for taking part in the mission of the Union R-XI Foundation!

If you would like to help with organizing events like our Major Saver Cards during the winter months or the Lance Purschke Memorial “Piggyback Dash” 5k Run or our new Pickleball Classic tournament, both in September, please email or call using the Contact Us page in the menu above.

As we mentioned above, perhaps you have a talent or skill that might enhance some aspect of the Foundation’s mission. If so, we would certainly love to hear your ideas. Again, the Contact Us page is the best way to reach us.

For that matter, you can contribute to the Foundation simply by entering or participating in an event. Do you like to run? Do you like to get bargains when you shop? Do you like baseball? Do you like to swim – in ice-cold lakes? Check out the various Foundation Projects by clicking on the proper button in our navigation bar above to learn more about some of our great events throughout the year. Then, get in touch with the contact person listed there to get involved in the action!

Amazon Smile

Shopping on Amazon
You have probably heard about the way Amazon is doing its part to help charitable organizations like ours. Anytime you shop on Amazon, be sure to access your account through the AmazonSmile part of their site. Once you do the quick registration and choose the Union R-XI School Foundation Inc. as your preferred charity, fifty cents of every $100 you spend at Amazon will be donated automatically to the Union R-XI Foundation. The best part is that it doesn’t cost the Foundation or you a penny to participate in this program. It is completely funded by Amazon and happens automatically every time you shop at Amazon using the address. What a wonderful way for them to help us out!

Gifting Through the DONATE! Button Above
Just click on the button in the navigation bar and you will be able to donate in a number of ways at a variety of levels. Be sure to consider a recurring monthly or annual gift or a Lifetime Membership so you can make the Honor Roll! (Check out the Amici – Friends of the Foundation page for more information.)

Special Bequests and Planned Giving
If your financial contribution is a bit more involved than using our DONATE! button for a credit/debit card or Paypal donation, please consider contacting us to set up a visit with one of the several financial planners, accountants, attorneys, and other philanthropy experts that are directors or members of the Foundation. Our email and phone number are in the footer at the bottom of this page. Please leave a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Tribute and memorial gifts in honor of a special person or event, matching grants from an employer, and endowments of scholarships and grants are some examples of the many contributions made by others throughout the history of the Foundation. Consider adding your name to the list of generous donors that have helped us reach our funding goals in this way.

Legacy, or planned, giving is a wonderful and meaningful way to insure one’s impact on Union’s children well into the future. Bequests of cash, securities, real property, other property (e.g. vehicles), and percentages of estates can all be used by the Foundation to enhance the educational experiences of Union students. Life insurace policies, retirement accounts, and charitable trusts may also be gifted in whole or in part to help further Foundation goals and may even have some tax benefits to the grantor. If legacy giving seems like a worthy prospect, please consult your attorney about your ideas and then contact us to help you craft them into an enduring gift that will benefit many generations of our community’s young people.