May 5, 2019

Here are links to sites that we like and think might be helpful to our guests. Please let us know if you have information about other web locations that visitors to this site may find useful.

For links to alumni pages and sites, please visit our Alumni Corner page.

The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis. The Union school district is in the service area of this organization. College-bound students may want to give them a quick once-over. It is a great resource for loans and grants as well as info about other aspects of finding money for college.

rootEd Alliance. The philanthropic organization launched in 2018 by Union native and banking and investment heavy-hitter, Byron Trott, to help meet the challenges faced by young people from rural and small town America (think Union!) in gaining a postsecondary education. The work he and his group have done for their cause generally (and for Union specifically) is extraordinary. Please take a moment to check out his site.

About Learning. Is there a way to help people learn that engages all learning styles and hemispheric modalities (right- and left-brainedness) in each learner? Yes, and Dr. Bernice McCarthy has spent the past several decades synthesizing the 4MAT Learning Model by integrating the work of Jung, Kolb, Piaget, Dewey, Vygotsky, and others to show us how. About Learning is her organization tasked with disseminating 4MAT principles to educators and business leaders to make “learning around the full learning cycle” a reality in as many training environments as possible. For a quick overview of 4MAT and some of its supporting history and research, download the 4MAT Research Guide. It’s worth a look by all teachers and students, alike.

Innovative Technology in Education Fund. A St. Louis-based grantmaker that funds both classroom (or teacher groups) tech grants and grants for professional development for teachers to improve their tech knowledge, skills, and teaching. PD grant requests for proposals open in June…

RunSignUp. Want to register for the next race/run or Groundhog Splash! hosted by the Union R-XI Foundation? Here is the online hub of operations for these projects.

Pickleball Tournaments. The Union R-XI Foundation Pickleball Classic (September 14-15 at the city park tennis courts) is going to be a “big dill!” We’re not “gherkin” your chain, here, folks. If you “relish” the idea of playing, volunteering, or simply spectating at our event, make sure to head over to our Welcome Page at to find out all about it!